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Vicky Tsipouri


Located in London, Vicky Tsipouri is an experienced Pharmaceutical professional. She is skilled in clinical trials, data analysis, genetics, matrix and line management.

Not everyone is cut out for managing pharmaceutical trials and conducting medical studies, but Vicky Tsipouri has certainly proven herself able of navigating this complex field. Located in London, Vicky is a successful Pharmaceutical professional. She is skilled in clinical trials, data analysis, genetics, matrix, and line management. She holds her MSc and Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics and has since pursued post-graduate studies. Vicky has a certificate in Clinical Trials Design and Management and successfully completed the Imperial Leadership and Management Development Program at Imperial College London. 


Vicky has over two decades in the pharmaceutical industry and has made tremendous strides in her career. Her jobs have recognized her for her hard work and dedication, giving her multiple promotions throughout her career. In Vicky’s current role, she manages collaboration and information sharing, two critical accounts. 40 phase I-III trials, 18 operations staff and 20 trial associates based in two EU countries. Vicky Tsipouri is also the company lead for the across-industry TransCelerate Biopharma Shared Investigator Platform.


Through her long experience working in life sciences, Vicky’s entire career has been patient-centric and service-oriented. Her involvement in a vast array of clinical trials has given her experience in securing multi-million grant applications from different funding streams, developing of protocols, budgeting, clinical data monitoring and more. While previously working for the NHS, Vicky negotiated the funding of excess treatment costs in 10 trusts which enabled patient access to a new drug. This prepared her immensely for her current role, in which she regularly conducts research and drives new ideas out into the real world. Through her time working with large genomics and clinical trial datasets, Vicky has formed good project management and analytical skills. 


Vicky has an extensive comprehension of specialist therapeutic areas including cancer, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular, rheumatology, neurology and gerontology. Within the field of oncology, Vicky has worked in prostate, testicular, bladder, liver, kidney, breast, ovarian and skin cancer trials, hematological oncology (leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma), imaging, microbiome and biomarker studies. In some of her other roles, she has also built networks of clinicians in respiratory medicine, neurology and aging. 


With all of her knowledge, Vicky Tsipouri has made it a priority to share her educational findings with others. She has contributed to 15 publications surrounding the pharmaceutical industry and has made presentations at national and international conferences. She talks to high schoolers, medical students and businesswomen about the industry and her findings. Her passion for this subject has never ended. Vicky is inspired by the challenge of solving problems and by the lives that could be changed by these solutions. She has shown an ability to work on many projects simultaneously and is able to navigate difficult situations. Vicky is enthusiastic about her work and comes to work with an urgency every day.


Not only is Vicky skilled in pharmaceutical studies, but she is also well-cultured. She is fluent in English and Greek and is at an intermediate level with Spanish and Italian. Outside of work, Vicky enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and taking walks.


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