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How Technology Revolutionized Global Health Care

The available technology in the healthcare sector has created new possibilities that would not have existed 5, 10, or 20 years ago. It allows us to avoid health scares through things such as continuous data collection and health monitoring. There are even more ways in...

Five Scientific Reasons You Should Be Reading More

The possibilities from reading truly are endless. It allows us to see worlds we could never see, introduces us to people we would otherwise never meet, and fills us with emotions we might not feel outside of reading. What you may not know is that there are health...

The Best Science Podcasts to Listen to This Year

The world of science is constantly evolving, teaching us new things each day. For amateurs to the world of science, it can feel impossible to know where to start the deep knowledge dive. Podcasts have become a great way of getting acclimated with a topic, learning...

Using Technology to Improve the Healthcare Experience

Using Technology to Improve the Healthcare Experience

The modern healthcare system is much more advanced than years past. Especially as social distancing and lockdowns became the norm of 2020, many facilities have had to embrace technology and find ways to keep up with the times while still offering a splendid patient...



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