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Becoming a pharmacist is something that many people are interested in. This is a very popular career in the United States, and the need for pharmacists keeps steadily increasing. You might want to become a pharmacist due to the fact that it is a lucrative career path. Continue reading to learn how you can pursue this career. 

Choose a Degree Path to Follow

As you might expect, you’re going to need to go to school if you wish to be a pharmacist. Many of the most popular pharmacy programs are actually dual degree programs. You can earn a bachelor’s degree alongside the PharmD that you need to become a pharmacist. This should take you between six and seven years overall. 

You won’t be able to enter one of these programs unless you have a high school diploma. Some PharmD training programs are specifically meant for those who are educated enough for doctor-level training, though. Programs such as this will accept applicants who have bachelor’s degrees in scientific fields such as chemistry and biology. These programs will take between three and four years to complete. 

Take the Admissions Test 

Taking the admissions test is necessary to get into the right school. You’ll need to take a test that is known as the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT). This will be a multiple-choice test that covers many different scientific things, and there’s also an essay section. Every school will determine its own passing score, and this means that some pharmacy programs will be tougher to get into than others. 

Get Your Licenses

After being accepted into a school and completing your education, it’ll be time to get the necessary licenses. You must take license exams and pass them before applying for a license. You’ll need to look into the specific exams that you need to take based on where you live. Once you have the licenses that you need, you’ll be able to work as a pharmacist. 

The process of becoming a pharmacist can take quite some time. Schooling is going to take seven years, and you’ll need to pass many exams along the way. It’s a good career for those who are looking to make a good living. Your time and dedication will pay off if you’re willing to stick with it.