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Cancer is still not a word that anyone wants to hear. Thanks to developments in cancer care, it may not necessarily be the death sentence that it once was. Doctors are finding new ways of treating cancer and a lot has changed in recent years as to not only how the disease is treated, but how it will be treated in the future.

Here are some of the more innovative ways that doctors are now treating cancer.


When you simplify it, certain treatments are ineffective because cancerous cells can basically dodge your body’s immune system. The body either can’t recognize those cancerous cells as a threat or they can’t work hard enough to get rid of them.

Immunotherapy works to “mark” those cancer cells so that the body can find them more easily. Basically, immunotherapy is about putting your body’s defenses into a stronger position to attack those cancerous cells and tumors.

Personalized Medicine

Not that long ago, cancer treatment depended on the stage and type of cancer. Those stages and types got the same treatments. But now, doctors are realizing that what works for one may not work for the next.

Through gene data, doctors are getting a better idea about which of the treatments may work better than others. Some of the drugs focus only on the deadly cells instead of simply wiping everything in the area away. That gives immune cells the opportunity to get into the tumors and fight them.

Tech Breakthroughs

There are a number of technological breakthroughs that are offering different treatment options. Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (LFI) is helping women who have breast cancer by scanning the patient and identifying proteins that aid in the growth of those cells. They can then prescribe a treatment that blocks that cellular growth.

There is also multiparametric-magnetic resonance imaging (mp-MRI), which can help to work through the blood vessels in something such as a prostate tumor. The close-up look gives doctors a better chance to diagnose and issue a treatment.