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The world of science is constantly evolving, teaching us new things each day. For amateurs to the world of science, it can feel impossible to know where to start the deep knowledge dive. Podcasts have become a great way of getting acclimated with a topic, learning gradually through the hosts and repeated listening.

But how do you know which podcasts to go to for science? Here are some of the best science podcasts going this year.

Science Friday

This podcast provides science with a bit of an entertainment spin while also mixing in an informative talk show format. The discussions tend to be about current news and trending topics within the science community.

The host, Ira Flatow, introduces the audience to various researchers and then guides the conversation between the experts and call-in listeners.

Hidden Brain

National Public Radio (NPR) has a wide array of shows that would make top lists. Hidden Brain works to examine certain social phenomena that tend to baffle just about everyone. For instance, do we as humans think rationally? Where did gender ideas come from?

The podcast takes a deeper look into the social science behind the various behaviors that we see and experience on a daily basis.

DNA Today

If you are particularly interested in genetics and the latest news in the field, DNA Today is a great choice. It covers book and movie reviews, stories, and interviews with patient advocates, researchers, and genetic counselors.

The host is a graduate student that earned her Bachelor’s in Diagnostic Genetics at UConn and broadcasts through UConn radio.

Super Women in Science

This show is all about the stories of women and nonbinary people within the field of science. It highly reflects the variety of their scientific accomplishments and endeavors. It also brings to light the kinds of issues that women in the world of science face.

The hosts are a music therapist and a neuroscientist, each with a passion for promoting scientists that may be underrepresented.